About - Fritz Schlunder

Early Life

I was born October 6th, 1983 and was raised in the Phoenix Arizona metro area. I spent my childhood in Apache Junction, where I skipped kindergarten, but attended first grade through eighth grade in public school. I then started attending Central Arizona College (Apache Junction campus) at age 13. I did well in my studies and graduated two years later with an Associate of Business degree at age 15. From there, I attempted to go to Arizona State University to major in chemical engineering, but I found the studies at the University much more difficult. I subsequently took a year off of college life to attend Westwood High School, where I explored life and grew socially. I then continued my studies at Arizona State University and graduated in 2004 with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering.

Adult Life

Most of my adult life prior to February 2019 was spent working in the semiconductor industry as an applications engineer.  Most of my professional life has been spent working with microcontrollers. However, in February of 2019, I had a major spiritual awakening, where God showed me many wonderous things.  I was subsequently led to found the LifeIsAGift.Church. I currently (May 2019) live in Gilbert Arizona.

I can be contacted at: fritz.schlunder@lifeisagift.church